At Meon Valley Studio we aim to provide you with the best jewellery making experience. Here are some testimonials from our happy students...

Mary January 2019
Olivia is a wonderful teacher. I took the Soldering Master Class and my work has greatly improved as a result. I have been working with silver for several years, receiving occasional instruction and doing personal reading. The knowledge that I gained in one day of Olivia’s guidance was at least 5 times greater than in my years of experience. The studio is well-equipped and a good environment for working. I highly recommend Olivia and Meon Valley Studio.

Jenni & Dave January 2019
Today we met the most wonderful and patient Olivia who helped us to make our wedding rings. She so very kindly accommodated us at relatively short notice and was so knowledgeable, so professional and so very lovely, you can't help leaving feeling you've made a friend. Making our wedding rings for each other was such an amazing experience, helped by such a lovely setting and lovely person. We can't recommend Olivia highly enough. Thank you.

Jo January 2019
Can I just say that I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the day and Olivia's teaching was second to none. It was a great feeling being able to create a keepsake in that short amount of time.

Carol January 2019Jo January 2019
Although I had been making jewellery with Olivia for several years, I was always a little reluctant when it came to soldering, so decided to do the one day soldering course. I came away feeling so much more confident and was amazed at the various techniques that would help me in making more complex piece. Olivia was her usual calm self and made it look easy and possible. I recommend it to all students, whatever your level of proficiency.

Jane December 2018
I have just returned from my 3rd taster day and just want to keep going back. The first two taster days I made simple white gold and yellow gold stacking rings and am absolutely delighted with them! Yesterday I had a disaster with my first attempt at something more challenging in silver but they say you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs and I broke a few eggs! But I started again with Olivia's encouragement and came away with a lovely ring. Olivia had a challenging class with each of us having a very different brief but she is an extremely patient and excellent teacher and managed to control us all. I think I have finally managed to get onto one of the weekly courses - can't wait!

Santi October 2018
I have wanted to do this course for such a long time and took the plunge on Saturday the 13th October and what a joy. Olivia was there patiently every step of the way and I made myself a spinner ring that looks fantastic. Still can’t believe that I made it and I am going to come back for weekly as soon as there is a space available and booked 2 soaces for the first of December and bringing my daughter with. Thank you so much Olivia for an amazing experience.

Ben December 2016
I have just returned from an incredible day with Olivia at the Meon Valley Studio, creating a fantastic engagement ring. The day has been thoroughly enjoyable and the resulting piece is exactly what I wanted...... Presenting this to my beloved will be a proud moment.... I can't wait to see her face! Thank you so much. X

Marianne August 2015
I first met Olivia at a wedding fair which is where I discovered the concept of my fiance and I making our own wedding rings! We decided to go for it and I'm so glad we did. Not only do our wedding rings feel so much more special, but we also got to spend two lovely evenings making them together - An experience we loved, and will never forget. The location is stunningly beuaitful, set in gorgeous countryside. Olivia is such a great teacher - Very friendly, patient and thorough. She will make sure that you walk away with something you absolutely love. It was just unforgettable, and we love telling people that we made eachother's wedding rings ourselves. The experience stuck in my mind so much that when I noticed that Olivia also did Hen Do's I snapped up the chance to go back! Myself and 9 others went and each made a silver ring over an afternoon for my friend's hen do - Everyone commented on what a fantastic and unique idea it was. And we were all really chuffed to have made something so great by the end of the day! I would thoroughly recommend Olivia and Meon Valley Studio! Thank you so much! I'm sure I will be back x

Charlotte December 2014
I have been a student with Meon Valley Studio in the Monday evening class for the last year. Olivia is a fantastic teacher, being both patient and encouraging, she helps her students to learn new bench skills so that they can create beautiful jewellery. Monday evenings are the highlight of my week, this class has unearthed a creative side in me that I didn't know existed - I tried a Saturday full day class prior to deciding to sign up to he Monday evening classes and was hooked. As the studio is so well equipped, I would recommend Meon Valley Studio to anyone looking to take a class in a heartbeat, whether a beginner or someone with existing experience of jewellery making.

Rosie June 2014
I just wanted to say that I really, really enjoyed the workshop on I attended and I couldn't be more delighted with the piece that I made and the feedback (even from 2 tough customers - my boss and a local jeweller) was good too. As a tutor Olivia has a lovely gentle way of managing a workshop and had time for everyone and did it all with a smile. I too am hooked. 

James & Katarzyna June 2014
A couple of weeks ago we made each other wedding rings under Olivia's expert guidance. The results really suprised both of us (and even more the couple of friends that we showed them to!) Beforehand we had both half-expected to come away with something passable as jewellery - neither of us would have believed we could be shown how to make such beautiful rings. Not only were we amazed with the rings themselves, but also with Olivia's skills as a teacher. It's one thing to be a skilled craftswoman, quite another to teach people with absolutely no experience in goldsmithing (and another again to generally make us both feel so at home in her beautiful studio)! We would both very highly recommend this once in a lifetime experience - a really wonderful day for both of us.

Alexandra May 2014
My fiancé (now husband) and I joined a group on a snowy Saturday to make each other's wedding rings. Olivia kindly ordered the gold on our behalf so it was ready and waiting. She gave us just the right amount of help and support to craft beautiful, simple rings that turned out just as we had hoped - although there were a few tricky moments through the process. It was fun and interesting to use all the tools and techniques, so even if a few corrections by Olivia were needed along the way we definitely made the rings ourselves and enjoy wearing these wonderful reminders every day. It was a memorable day and great value for money so we would've finitely recommend it - in fact we later bought my Mum a ring making day for her birthday and she loved it!

Caroline May 2014
Beautiful situation, great companions and a skilled and patient teacher, Olivia - what more could one ask for. The experience of creating a unique piece of jewellery is extremely rewarding so book a course and have a go!

Carol Wade May 2014
Olivia has a special gift for teaching in a calm and comprehensive way and her level of knowledge is so comprehensive that there is nothing that she cannot solve when you get into difficulties; or help bring to life when an idea of something that you want to create seems impossible. I fell very privileged to be able to attend her classes and look forward to every session. Many thanks Olivia

Beatrice May 2014
I had an excellent day making mine and my husband's wedding rings under Olivia's expert tuition. A gorgeous setting, and such a relaxed atmosphere in the studio, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and have had loads of compliments on my creations!

Wendy May 2014
I started one of Olivia's silversmithing courses in 2012 then did another one and now do the occasional Saturday class. It has been the best thing I have ever done and have loved every minute. I now design and make my own jewellery which I sell online and at craft fairs! The great thing about the classes is that everyone works and learns at their own pace and because the groups are small you also learn from each other. Great fun - a definite for your list of things to do!

Maddy May 2014
I went to a 2 day course led by Olivia and had an amazing time - fun and informative and so amazing to come away with some jewellery that I had actually made myself. Absolutely loved it - if I lived close and had more spare cash she might find it hard to get rid of me :) Highly recommended.

Tim  May 2014
And just so you don’t think it is only for the ladies, I attended a day course at the lovely studio, with the expectation of coming away with a "rustic" piece which would be kept in the bottom draw. However, under Olivia's expert and calm direction, I was able to produce a ring which amazed me and, more challenging, impressed Charlotte, who wears it every day. Thanks for a great day.

Dave May 2014
With absolutely no jewellery-making experience, I contacted Meon Valley Studio with the idea of making a token engagement ring for my girlfriend. I signed up to a course and within a couple of sessions and with Olivia's support was actually confident enough that I could make the proper engagement ring itself. Olivia is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and beyond-the-call-of-duty-helpful to the extent that under her guidance, after three months I was proposing on holiday with a self-made platinum ring, set with a diamond Olivia helped me choose and purchase. My coursemates were friendly, the location and workshop are superb and I thoroughly enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone and creating something special I can be proud of. ... and she said yes!

Kirsty May 2014
I have been attending weekly classes with Olivia for near on 2 years! Working with Olivia is a real privilege , her skill is endless and her patients great! I have created amazing beautiful jewellery. I can't imagin life without my weekly fix :) thank you Olivia 

Frankie May 2014
Spending a day at Meon Valley Studio is a little bit of heaven. The stunning scenery, lovely company and Olivia's ability to translate this intricate skill with such ease, even to the novice, contribute to the enjoyment provided by the workshop days at the studio. After attending many courses with Olivia, I have noticed that the thrill of taking home a beautiful, polished, bespoke piece of jewellery has not diminished in the slightest since my first session! Thank you for these wonderful courses and I look forward to the next one. 

Kristie May 2014
I've been to several of Olivia's Saturday courses, each time taking a different group of friends who soon become as addicted as I am. It's great fun and you always come away with something you can wear which is a miracle for me and testament to Olivia's amazing teaching skills.

Val May 2014
I have been attending Olivia's class at Meon Valley Studio for almost 2 years and I feel very privileged to be taught by such a Master of her craft as Olivia. I recently took my grandson to a Saturday course as a treat, thinking that I would probably be by his side most of the time, but I couldn't have been more wrong, Olivia took him under her wing and by the end of the day he had produced an amazing ring for his mum, a testament to Olivia's teaching skills. I cant wait to go to class each week, its such a beautiful location, and so many lovely people to work with. Thank you Olivia. 

Jolene Harwood  May 2014
Me and my now Husband attended a Saturday course and made our own wedding rings. Olivia's expertise helped us in creating our beautiful and very sentimental weddings rings for each other. The whole day made our wedding more special and every time I look at my wedding ring I remember an amazing day we had. Thank you so much Olivia. A truly special studio and a very welcoming and warm atmosphere. 

Amanda May 2014
I attended several Saturday courses, once with my fifteen year old daughter. We both had a fantastic time, learned loads of new skills and produced some finished items to bring home. Olivia is a fantastic teacher. Moreover, the workshop is much better equipped, the tutor/student ratio much better, and the environment far more beautiful than any evening class I have attended. I drove down from west London in just over an hour. 

Nicola Macmillan  May 2014
I have now attended two of Olivia's Saturday courses and I am totally hooked. Not only to the beautiful craft of silver jewellery making but also to the whole experience that Olivia offers. Imagine going out for a day to a studio in a lovely setting, learning something totally new with a teacher who has endless patience and a lovely manner. I can't wait to the next course I can attend, can't wait to see who will come too and see what amazingly beautiful things that we can make. The real beauty is that every one of us made something that made us smile, we all had a brilliant day and we were all surprised that it is possible to try something new and come away with something we were really proud of. I should really stop saying how good this is as I would much rather keep it a secret! However Olivia does deserve the acclaim. I am now going to have so save up for one of her beautiful silver vases. Thank you again. 

Sally May 2014
Your imagination is the only barrier, Olivia steers us through working with different materials and techniques, she's an inspiration to us all, professional and generous with her knowledge and expertise. I'm a beginner making my own family heirlooms!

Lorraine  May 2014
I have been attending Olivia's regular weekly classes for well over three years. Olivia is a talented artist who enjoys sharing her skills with her 'pupils'. She teaches us collectively, and individually to achieve our best. I have created many fabulous pieces - well I think so - throughout my time at the studio However, there is an added dimension to Olivia's class which is the rapport and friendly support of my classmates. Sharing the joy of creativity, in a beautiful setting, with a skilled and caring teacher makes Thursday evenings a treat. 

Maggie  November 2013
Fantastic day, excellent teacher who brought out the creative side in all of us. Can't wait to bring my daughter.

Kerry Merriam November 2013
I came to the studio with my husband, two daughters and mum-in-law.We had a wonderfully inspiring and challenging day and each came away with a beautiful, unique piece of jewellery and new skills. I would highly recommend the experience to anyone considering it.

Carly November 2013
I had a great day and made my own beautiful ring, I would definitely recommend the course.

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