Here at Meon Valley Studio, I offer couples the chance to come to the studio and make their own wedding rings with my expert guidance. It makes for a fantastic experience and a very romantic one at that, giving even more meaning to what are already hugely symbolic pieces of jewellery. Couples are always amazed at how professional their finished rings are, even when they have no previous experience in working with metal.

The wedding ring day would usually take just one day beginning at 10am and finishing at approximately 4pm. The day costs £350 plus the cost of the metal for the rings and hallmarking. Because the metal is charged to you at cost, the total cost usually works out very similar to buying rings ‘off-the-shelf’, but of course you get the experience and the knowledge that the rings have been crafted by your own hands! We can work in platinum, palladium, silver and all carats and colours of gold. You can also choose from many different surface finishes, shapes and designs, making your rings absolutely unique.